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General Crime in UAE. Edmonds Marshall McMahon is a unique firm of attorneys (known in the UK as solicitors and barristers) with an unrivalled track record in conducting major fraud prosecutions in the UK, often in cross-border matters. The three founding partners have a combined total of 70 years’ experience in criminal justice and they use this background to offer a novel service to victims of crime – that is, of course, the ability to bring a private prosecution.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon regularly implements private prosecution strategies to ensure that those who commit crimes are held accountable. A private prosecution can allow an individual access to justice that is otherwise inaccessible through traditional state law enforcement avenues. By way of background, although the majority of criminal prosecutions in England and Wales are conducted by public agencies, the right to pursue a private prosecution is expressly set out in statute. It is this power on which Edmonds Marshall McMahon relies in order to bring criminal proceedings on behalf of clients.

We investigate and prosecute the full range of criminal offences with understanding, dedication and a focus on results. Our clients in the UAE benefit from our global reach and access to specialists, including investigators and forensic accountants, in various jurisdictions. We understand that cases often require a tailored international strategy and our knowledge of local jurisdictions, including the UAE, allows us to take fast effective action on behalf of our clients. We work together with skilled and experienced investigators to gather the best evidence to successfully prosecute your case.

We act for individuals who have been the victims of the following types of offences:

  • Fraud by friends, relatives, trading platforms or companies in investment schemes;
  • False adverse possession claims;
  • Assault including incidents of road rage, sexual assault and domestic violence;
  • Rape including date rape;
  • Harassment or stalking;
  • Environmental crime;
  • Political protests;
  • Perverting the course of justice;
  • Criminal damage, such as damage to property in the workplace or home; and
  • Blackmail.

If you are the victim of any of the above crimes, you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. We can advise you (free of charge) by telephone or email as to whether we will be able to assist with your case. In the unlikely event that we are unable to assist, we will advise you on who to approach for the results you are seeking.

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