Charity Fraud in UAE

Charity Fraud in UAE. Edmonds Marshall McMahon are experts in conducting fraud prosecutions. We are a unique firm, staffed by attorneys and investigators, and have significant experience in ensuring that victims of fraud, in the UAE and elsewhere, are compensated and that defendants are denied the proceeds of their crime. We also advise on counter fraud models that help minimise the risk of becoming a victim of such frauds.

We understand that charities help the most vulnerable in our society principally from the money received through fundraisers. Those who choose to steal donations manipulate the generosity of donors and breach the considerable trust placed in them by charities and the public. It is for this reason that there is a heightened public interest in ensuring charity fraudsters are brought to justice.

As you may know, there are a number of ways in which charities are defrauded:

  1. Donation fraud – alleged supporters of your charity offer to carry out charitable fundraising events but instead of paying over their donation receipts, the fraudster keeps the money for themselves.
  2. Procurement fraud – you purchase goods or services and once the payment has been made, no products are delivered, or the products do not meet required standards.
  3. Mandate fraud – a charity employee receives an email purporting to be from a legitimate company providing services for the charity. The email asks that future payments be made to an alternative bank account, which, unbeknown to you, is controlled by the fraudster. Always be cautious if you are asked to make changes to bank details or make payments to a new account, even if the bank details appear to be on a genuine invoice. Consult your counter fraud department immediately and follow your charity’s validation procedures.
  4. Scam emails (“phishing”) – a fraudster claims to be from a legitimate organisation and provides information of assistance to you. Your employee clicks the link provided and your systems are compromised.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon regularly implements private prosecution strategies to ensure that those who engage in charity fraud are held accountable. Our clients in the UAE benefit from our global reach and access to specialists, including investigators and forensic accountants, in various jurisdictions. We understand that fraud cases often require a tailored international strategy and our knowledge of local jurisdictions, including the UAE, allows us to take fast effective action on behalf of our clients. We are innovative, technical, strategic and results-driven in our approach.

We understand that being the victim of a fraud can often cause embarrassment that leads both individual and company victims to batten the hatches and not report the crime. Whatever the fraud, please talk to us (free of charge) so we can advise you on what is possible. As specialist prosecutors, we have the knowledge and resources that could make the difference between your recovering some, or indeed all, of your money.

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