R (Provident Personal Credit Ltd) v Michael Bond (2013)

Edmonds Marshall McMahon brought a successful prosecution under section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006 against an employee who had stolen money from his employer.

Following an internal investigation, it was discovered that Mr Bond had obtained a number of loans for his own use and benefit, in either the names of existing customers without their knowledge or under fictitious names that Mr Bond had created.

In addition to this, the Defendant was given a “handyfloat”, for which the purpose of that money was to issue loans to his customers.  The Defendant received a cheque for that amount which he cashed. At no time since he cashed that cheque did he account to Provident for that money, either through lending it to actual customers in valid loans or returning it to Provident.  The Defendant had therefore stolen this money by taking it for his own use and benefit. The total capital loss to Provident was £6,079.50.

After the Information was laid at the Croydon Magistrates’ Court and Mr Bond was summoned to appear, he absconded and failed to appear. Edmonds Marshall McMahon utilised private investigators to work in tandem with the police to ensure Mr Bond was brought to the Croydon Magistrates’ Court where he was later sentenced.

The Defendant received a community order with a condition to undertake 150 hours unpaid work and was ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge.