Kate McMahon quoted in the Financial Times ‘Private Prosecutions grow as state bodies retreat in face of dwindling resources’ on 27 July 2014

Kate McMahon gave an interview to the Financial Times on the growth of Private Prosecutions as prosecuting bodies face dwindling resources.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon is the UK’s leading private prosecution firm and therefore, we were asked to comment on why private prosecutions are becoming such an attractive litigation tool. The article noted that there is a growing trend for private prosecutions to be brought by businesses and individuals as state prosecutors such as the Serious Fraud Office face dwindling resources.

Kate McMahon agreed that one of the main reasons that private prosecutions are so attractive is, of course, reduced state funding to tackle large scale fraud.

Kate McMahon also made the points that often private prosecutions are cheaper and quicker than civil litigation. Furthermore, criminal litigation does not depend on who has the deepest pockets- it is very hard to delay and sidetrack matters in the criminal court. It is often said that in civil litigation, the party with the most money wins. Thankfully, that is not the case in all litigation.

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