David Jugnarain appointed as Partner at Edmonds Marshall McMahon

Edmonds Marshall McMahon is pleased to announce the appointment of David Jugnarain as Partner. David joined Edmonds Marshall McMahon in June 2013 and has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Public International Law at the London School of Economics (distinction).  He has a breadth of knowledge in areas ranging from serious and complex fraud to human rights, and is consistently praised by practitioners’ and clients on his exceptional ability as a prosecutor. The appointment of David as Partner will see the exciting development of Edmonds Marshall McMahon in areas such as human rights and corporate accountability and social responsibility.

David says “this is a great opportunity. I’m really looking forward to developing these new areas and working with individuals, NGOs, social purpose organisations and businesses concerned with their social responsibilities to build on the significant expertise of the committed team at Edmonds Marshall McMahon.”