British Golf Industry Association announces collaboration with Edmonds Marshall McMahon

The British Golf Industry Association has announced that it will be working with Edmonds Marshall McMahon to combat the counterfeiting of its products on behalf of all of its members.

The BGIA Association Manager Ciara Morgan was quoted saying ” Counterfeiting is a serious problem that requires effective enforcement. Traditional enforcement agencies have suffered overwhelming cuts in budgets and as a result do not have the time or resources to devote to investigating cases of counterfeiting. This means it is often left to the brand owner to enforce their rights, through our latest benefit; BGIA members are covered in this area.”

TM Eye Ltd, a private criminal investigation firm will assist with the investigation of the offence and the combined service of Edmonds Marshall McMahon and TM Eye ensures that businesses are able to protect their brand and profits without having to sacrifice their time and resources. This combined service, running since 2013, is a unique and highly specialised service that has maintained a 100% conviction rate. Edmonds Marshall McMahon and TM Eye are perfectly equipped to tackle counterfeit offenders robustly whilst protecting brands.