Tamlyn Edmonds comments in The Sunday Times on the collapse of the trial of Ali Tasci (05 April 2015)

The article focuses on the EU victims’ directive which must be incorporated into UK law by November 2015.  The Directive substantially strengthens the rights of victims and their families to information, support and protection in criminal proceedings and will require police and the CPS to explain decisions they make in relation to cases to victims and bereaved families.

The CPS is quoted in the article as having concerns that the requirements of the directive could further stretch a service that is already overstrained.

This article further discusses the trial of Ali Tasci, the man who was charged with the murder of  Selhouk Behdjet in 1994.  The CPS offered no evidence against Mr Tasci following an investigation into alleged corruption within the Metropolitan police, yet failed to inform Mr Behdjet’s family that police corruption played a part in their decision to drop the case.

Tamlyn Edmonds, who represents Layla Holliday, the daughter of Mr Behdjet comments:

“It is a matter of public importance that full and frank disclosure of matters . . . is provided by the Met and the CPS”

Tamlyn Edmonds frequently handles cases involving suspected police corruption and often advises victims of crime who have been unable engage the police and/or the CPS.