Private Prosecutions – when, why and how to bring them? – Webinar 26th September 10.00-11.30am

What is a private prosecution, why might I need to bring one, and how do I do it?” are questions that practitioners may find themselves having to ask more often in these times of austerity, when traditional methods of redress for certain crimes are not readily available. Private prosecutions are a useful weapon against economic crime that may not be understood or prioritised elsewhere and can protect commercial rights reducing the risk of counterfeiting or fraud. They are also valuable for victims of crime who, for whatever reason, have not been able to obtain justice. This webinar is presented by Tamlyn Edmonds (barrister) and Kate McMahon (solicitor), directors of Edmonds Marshall McMahon a specialist private prosecution firm and will explain:

  • Who can bring a private prosecution, including circumstances where a private prosecution may be brought;
  • The reasons why you may choose to bring a private prosecution;
  • The steps involved in bringing a private prosecution and the issues to be aware of;
  • Costs;
  • Confiscation and compensation


This course will be presented by the following speakers:

Tamlyn Edmonds
is a barrister and Director of Edmonds, Marshall, McMahon. Prior to founding Edmonds Marshall McMahon, Tamlyn spent eight and a half years specialising in the most complex and high-value prosecutions on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions/Department of Health. She led the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory team of specialist lawyers where she had conduct of the largest ever counterfeit medicines case prosecuted on behalf of the Department of Health. Tamlyn specialises in serious fraud and counterfeit medicines and has significant experience in confiscation and restraint.

Kate McMahon
is a solicitor and Director of Edmonds Marshall McMahon. Prior to founding Edmonds Marshall McMahon, Kate prosecuted for the Serious Fraud Office where she worked on some of the UK’s largest criminal prosecutions. She also has vast experience prosecuting on behalf of the MHRA, specialising in counterfeit and unlicensed medicines and cosmetic and medical products. Kate specialises in fraud, general crime, counterfeiting and has significant experience in confiscation and restraint.