Kate McMahon comments on the growth of the private prosecution market in today’s Financial Times (20 November 2014)

Kate commented today on the growth of private prosecutions. Edmonds Marshall McMahon is the UK’s only specialist private prosecution firm. Established in 2012, it saw the need for a private prosecution service at the time when the Crown Prosecution Service was overstretched and overworked: A situation which continues unabated.

The FT article focuses on the rise of companies taking action in areas where they have suffered economic loss as a result of cyber crime and data breaches. Kate comments:

“It could be where an individual has walked off with customer information, or where there has been a breach of a firm’s computer systems for example.”

The FT article notes that EY (formerly Ernst & Young) has become the latest City firm to follow the trend set by Edmonds Marshall McMahon and “tap into a growing appetite to bring private prosecutions against white-collar criminals who are not being pursued by police or the Crown.”

In the same article, The Serious Fraud Office’s director, David Green, voiced his concern that “mid-tier fraud is going unchecked”. Kate McMahon previously prosecuted at the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) where she worked as a senior lawyer on some of the UK’s largest criminal prosecutions.

Kate specialises in cases involving serious fraud, cyber crime, international crime and perverting the course of justice.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon is the winner of the 2014 “The Lawyer Award” for “Boutique law firm of the year- City for its market leadership in developing the area of private prosecutions.

Find the article here: Financial Times – Private Prosecutions