Internal Corporate Investigations

All cases need evidence, and we provide a complete service, from investigation to confiscation. We can work closely with your own firm’s investigators or we can provide investigative assistance (overt or covert) though well-respected and experienced private investigators. We specialise in targeting organised crime affecting businesses and economic productivity.

We also guide and conduct robust financial investigations in order to locate all of a defendant’s assets, here or abroad. Where your company has lost money due to fraud or through counterfeiting, we can advise you regarding confiscation and the benefits of applying for a restraint and confiscation order, including being compensated for your losses. When a confiscation order is made post conviction we will ensure that it will be paid. Confiscation is a useful tool to deter criminals; not only do they face a criminal conviction but they also lose their assets.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon only employ specialist prosecutors. These prosecutors have, together, prosecuted some of the largest fraud and corruption cases in the UK over the last 15 years. This combined experience means that for most of the problems your business might encounter, we have seen the best and worst solutions. We know what steps you should take to minimise the harm to your business. We know what the regulator or prosecuting agencies will look at and where you will run into problems. We are experts in evidence gathering, e-review and e-disclosure, and above all, we’re extremely commercial and reputation aware.

If you would like to discuss a potential investigation or prosecution, we can advise you quickly, by telephone or email, as to whether we will be able to assist you. If we can’t, we will advise who you should speak to for the result you are seeking.

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